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Muskego, WI

Engineered for Integrity

Commercial–Grade Construction

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, we manufacture our products on a strong foundation of longevity from the very beginning of each project. By maximizing the life of the material of our products, it makes them landfill–proof—which is what we strive for every day.

Functional Framework

Load–bearing framework is comprised of 2x4, 2x3, true–2x2, or 2x2 solid lumber. The added thickness and weight make our bins more durable. Accent boards and arches act as functioning cross–supports for the unit.

Hidden Fasteners

Used with dado slots, the hidden pocket screws grant the unit further longevity by literally pulling and holding the panels to the framework. Securing the frame and paneling together strengthens the unit.

Door Reinforcement

Reinforcements are in place on all sides to strengthen door panels. HDPE can curl or warp in different outdoor environments. Doors take the most beating, hence the additional feature.

High–Performance Structure

5/8” HDPE is used for the panels, roofs, tops, and flooring. Full length top to bottom interior panels separate each consecutive bin or stall. Each panel spans the entire unit's height.

Rigidity–Enhanced Joinery

Our panel–to–framework joint connections are constructed using dado slots. By using these methods, our products use the most efficient and useful joinery with aesthetic and longevity in mind.

Tougher Hardware

All of our hardware is composed of 304 stainless steel, able to hold up to the outdoor elements. Our strategic fastener placement also prevents warping and holds the product's integrity longer than anyone else.