Round Recycling Bin 55 Gallon

  • EasyCare 55 Gallon Round Recycling Bin
  • EasyCare 55 Gallon Round Recycling Bin

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viridian series

Stream Item Di W D H
Single EC55R 27.75" 35.5"
Double EC55R-2 55.5" 27.75" 35.5"
Triple EC55R-3 55.5" 55.5" 35.5"

The following dimensions are for standard units. Customizations and other unique design changes will have other varying dimensions that can we cannot approximate. All dimensions should be considered approximate.

imageRestrictive Openings
imageResin-Poured Text & Symbols
imageDome Top
imageV-Lid Top
image4x4 Post
imageRecycle Across America Labels

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  • UV stabilizers are compounded into the EasyCare™ material to help protect the color and integrity of the base resin for years and they will not rapidly fade when exposed to the elements, making it a truly zero-maintenance product.
  • Joints, screws, hinges and other hardware should be checked periodically and properly tightened due to usage over time.
  • Keeping furnishings on leveled ground will ensure peak structural performance.
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