Map Recycle Bins

  • EasyCare Map Recycle Bin
  • EasyCare Map Recycle Bin
  • EasyCare Map Recycle Bin

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spruce series

Stream Spruce W D H
Single EC12-HS 16" 16" 36"

hunter / emerald series

Stream Hunter Emerald W D H
Single EC12H-HS EC12LX-HS 17" 17" 36"

The following dimensions are for standard units. Customizations and other unique design changes will have other varying dimensions that can we cannot approximate. All dimensions should be considered approximate.

Resin-Poured Text & SymbolsResin-Poured Text & Symbols
Recycle Across America® LabelsRecycle Across America® Labels
Decal LogosDecal Logos

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  • UV stabilizers are compounded into the EasyCare™ material to help protect the color and integrity of the base resin for years and they will not rapidly fade when exposed to sunlight, making it a truly zero-maintenance product.
  • Joints, screws, hinges and other hardware should be checked periodically and properly tightened due to usage over time.
  • Keeping furnishings on leveled ground will ensure peak structural performance.
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