EasyCare Recycled HDPE Lumber

  • EasyCare Double 55 Gallon Recycling Bin
  • EasyCare Double 32 Gallon Recycling Bin
  • EasyCare Triple 32 Gallon Recycling Bin
  • EasyCare Double 70 Gallon Recycling Bin
  • EasyCare Windsor Buffet Table
  • EasyCare Triple Bussing Station
  • EasyCare Message Board
  • EasyCare Imperial Bench

The Low Down

Made from top grade, extruded recycled plastics, EasyCare™ products are made up of low maintenance, durable, and superbly-constructed indoor and outdoor furnishings. Using many of the same methods of construction that catapulted Landmark to the forefront of the high end and private club market, EasyCare products encourage you to pay the same particular attention to detail when making your next investment in maintenance free furnishings and accessories for your facility.

UV stabilizers are compounded into the material to help protect the color and integrity of the base resin for years and they will not rapidly fade when exposed to the elements. Made up of hydrogen and carbon, HDPE is defined by a density of greater or equal to 0.941 grams per cubic centimeter. It has a low degree of branching and thus stronger intermolecular forces and tensile strength.