Logo Options


A durable presentation built for the outdoors, but can look great indoors also. Your logo is cut directly into a panel, frame, slat, and then filled with an ecofriendly resin polymer in any color. Give us vector art, a basic color range (or Pantone swatch) and we’ll do the rest.


Printed on high-quality vinyl and placed over an eco-friendly clear resin to prevent peeling. High-detail or simple shapes work wonderfully. Can be combined with a color resin pour technique for more dynamic designs.

Restrictive Openings

Opening A

Small Circle

4" diameter for cans, batteries, small electronics, or printer cartridges.
Opening B

Double Circle

Dual 4" Circles designed for aluminum cans or small electronic devices.
Opening C

Paper / E-Slot

3" x 12" for paper, keyboards, tablets, and other thin devices.
Opening D

Large Circle

6-8" diameter for bottles, mixed recycling, or compost items.
Opening E

Mixed Recycling

Versatile opening for mixed or single stream recycling.
Opening F


Wide opening for any waste, recycling, or compost items. Can be paired with door flap.
Opening G

Full Width

Standard opening, can be used with door flap option to keep waste out of sight.
Opening H


5" x 7" triangle for recycling, electronics, batteries, or printer cartridges.
Opening I


Opening for mixed or single stream recycling.
Opening J

Large Square

8-10" square for waste, single stream mixed recycling, compost, or electronic waste.
Opening K

Small Square

4-6" square for batteries, electronics, printer cartridges, or other electronic waste.
Opening L


A custom shape to differentiate between different streams to prevent contamination.

The Case for Using Restrictive Openings

The easiest way to prevent cross-contamination and separare trash from recycling streams is to restrict the physical opening into the most common shape of the discarded items (i.e. aluminum cans, sheets of paper, bottles, etc).

Door Options

Door & Hinge Styles

Panel Door

Panel Door

Our most common door application, the panel door blends seamlessly into the rest of the unit distinguished only by pull style.
Framed Door

Framed Door

Recommended for outdoor units, especially areas with a lot of harsh sunlight and outdoor conditions.
Piano Hinge

Piano Hinge

Our standard hinge for all doors, the piano hinge adds rigidity and prevents warping.
6-Hole Hinge

6-Hole Hinge

Hearty hinges are needed to reduce strain on the rest of the unit with heavier doors.

Panel Pattern Styles

No Border

No Border

Single Border

Single Border

thin column

Thin Column





Pull / Handle Styles

inset plastic handle

Inset Plastic Handle

Our most common door pull, easily installed directly into the panel.
metal knob

Metal Knob

Our knob, with its brushed nickel finish, can be affixed to either the frame or paneling.
pull handle

Pull Handle

A handle for a little extra strength or simply aesthetic.
inset metal handle

Inset Metal Handle

This subtle metal handle is secured to the top of doors, making it easy to grip.
cutout handle

Cutout Handle

An economical solution reducing the need for extra hardware, cut through the door panel.

Security Latches

security locks

Security Locks

Latches doors shut safely and securely. Keys are provided.
keyless locks

Keyless Locks

Shuts doors safely with a simple rotation of the latch mechanism.

Text & Symbols

Text Labels

While any style is available, we have found a few standard typefaces in our library that work the best for optimal labeling and readability. Can be applied to framework, paneling, door flaps, or slats. Often used with symbols.

Symbols & Icons

A variety of standard and personalized symbols that can be applied to panels or door flaps with a near universal message. Often paired with text labels.


For logos with their own proprietary typeface/text (logotype), we can also cut/resin-pour most, provided its smallest areas are not below an eighth of an inch.

Header Options

EasyCare Triple Recycling Bin with Arched Header

Arched Header

Standard with the Brunswick Series, an arched panel header will utilize label or signage placement directly on the panel or with an interchangeable configuration (insert your label from the back like a picture frame).

EasyCare Double Recycling Bin with Square Header

Square Header

Our most popular option, the vertical legs of the unit are extended and then a horizontal cross-support completes the frame. With an ample margin around your desired label, focus and readability are key.

Recycle Across America Labels on Header Display

Standardized Labels

We have partnered with Recycle Across America, offering their labeling system.
Interchangeable Signs

Interchangeable Signage

Foresee changes to your sustainability program? Want to educate or make announcements? Swap out signs easily with this option.
Advertise on Header Displays


Create opportunities for revenue with spaces for advertisements.

All header displays are factored into the unit's existing paneling and framing, not an extra retro-fitted piece that can fall off or weaken the structure. With a graphic header display, especially paired with standardized labels from Recycle Across America, you can easily implement your recycling program without confusion.

Load Options

EasyCare Top Load Double Recycling Bin

Top Load

Indoor use is recommended for a top load unit, however, outdoor use can be achieved with an (optional) hinged lid over any openings.

EasyCare Front Load Double Recycling Bin

Front Load

A front load recycling bin can be placed in any indoor or outdoor environment—since there is less chance of rain and moisture from filling the liners and stalls.

Roof / Top Style Options

With waste diversion becoming more and more difficult, a different style on the top of the unit can help deter trash being placed on top and persuade patrons to properly dispose of trash and recyclables properly.

Sloped Top

Sloped Top

Reverse Sloped Top

Reverse Sloped Top

Standard Flat Top

Flat Top

Curved Top

Curved Top

Inset Sloped Top

Inset Sloped Top

Inset Flat Top

Inset Flat Top

EasyCare Triple Recycling Bin with color coded lids

Color-Coded Lids

In an age when improper recycling and food contamination is at an all-time high, drastic steps need to be taken. In addition to our labeling options, consider color-coding your lids and/or panels. Any variation in color will prove to be beneficial to individuals looking to increase their recycling rates.

EasyCare Bussing Station with tray dividers

Tray Dividers

(Standard Flat Top Only) Add dividers for trays or other foodservice accessories.

Series Options

EasyCare Emerald Triple Bussing Station

Emerald Series

The Emerald Series is the flagship of our product lineup, perfect for an outdoor setting that requires a unit to stand up to harsh elements. Distinctive features include hearty 2” x 2” vertical legs and arched accent boards integrated into the cross-framework.

EasyCare Hunter Double Bussing Station

Hunter Series

The Hunter Series preceded the Emerald Series and was the first to display its thicker framework and stands up just as well to the outdoor environment. Distinctive features include hearty 2” x 2” vertical legs.

EasyCare Spruce Triple Bussing Station

Spruce Series

The Spruce Series is the classic model where Landmark got its start. Solid, dependable and flawless—it can be used indoors or outdoors. Utilizes 2x2 (1 1/2” x 1 1/2”) framework for a flush, minimalistic presentation.

EasyCare Canopy Double Recycling Bin

Canopy Series

The Canopy Series combines the Spruce series 2x2 (1 1/2" x 1 1/2") framework with the arched accent boards of the Emerald Series for a distinct model with its own personality.

EasyCare Brunswick Double Bussing Station

Brunswick Series

The Brunswick Series is specifically designed for indoor, temperature-controlled environments only, maintaining a quality presentation with fewer materials to get the job done.

EasyCare Round Recycling Bins

Viridian Series

The Viridian (Round) Series distributes multiple slats in a circular shape, which holds a lot of weight while creating a clean, minimalist presentation. Can be used indoors or outdoors with optional Dome or V-Lid Tops.