FSC-certified Lumber

  • Rinowood Emerald 26 Gallon Recycling Station
  • Rinowood Old World Imperial Bench
  • Rinowood Emerald Water Cooler Station with Roof
  • Rinowood Emerald Pedestal Top Podium
  • Rinowood Spruce Amenity Foodservice Bussing/Tray Station

The Low Down

  • Sapling Carbon-Trapping Begins
  • Mature Tree Maximum Carbon Trapped
  • Rinowood Lumber
    Rinowood™ Lumber Carbon Held
Rinowood™ is an extraordinary hardwood tree found in abundance throughout Central and South America. It has been imported into the United States for over 50 years as the preferred material in the building of marinas and boardwalks. Today, it is the fastest growing choice of hardwoods for decks, docks, and piers in the United States due to its uncanny longevity.

Remarkable for its tight grains and high natural oil content, Rinowood holds the distinction of being the densest commercially sold wood in the world. It naturally resists deterioration due to rot, decay, insect infestation, salts, and caustic chemicals. It is five times harder than cedar, 70% stiffer than hard maple, possesses a fire rating similar to concrete and steel, and carries the distinction of being able to trap and hold carbon even after harvesting. As the wood naturally weathers, it takes on light silvery gray tones unless an oil or sealer is used to preserve its dark, rich natural colors.

All of our hardwoods are sourced using sustainable forestry practices monitored by local governments, the U.S. Government, and third party non-governmental organizations with the sanctity of good forestry practices in mind, and where positive social labor laws are enforced.

Wood Maintenance
Staying Ahead of the Elements

Messmer's UV Plus Oil for Hardwoods™

Messmer's UV Plus Oil for Hardwoods

Messmer's Wood Cleaner & Wood Brightener™

Messmer's Wood Brightener and Cleaner