Add-On Options

Effective Accessorized Features

Branding and consistency are important. Utilize these personalized options to make the standard models of our furnishings and bins work for you and your program.

Logo Options

  • Resin-Poured Logo 1
    Resin-Poured Logo
  • Resin-Poured Logo 2
    Resin-Poured Logo
  • Resin-Poured Logo 3
    Resin-Poured Logo
  • Decal Logo 1
    Decal Logo
  • Decal Logo 2
    Decal Logo
  • Decal Logo 3
    Decal Logo

Resin-Poured Symbols & Text

  • Symbols & Text 1
    Resin-Poured Symbol/Text
  • Symbols & Text 2
    Resin-Poured Symbol/Text
  • Symbols & Text 3
    Resin-Poured Symbol/Text

Roof Options

  • Flat Roof
    Flat (Standard)
  • Sloped Roof
  • Reverse Sloped Roof
    Reverse Sloped
  • Curved Roof
  • Ash Tray Roof
    Ash Tray
  • Inset Roof

Additional Options

  • Tray Holder Tops
    Tray Holder Tops
  • Top Load Hinged Lid
    Top Load Hinged Lid
  • Color Coded Roof

Restrictive Opening Options

  • opening a
    Opening A 4" Circle
  • opening b
    Opening B Dual 4" Circles
  • opening c
    Opening C Paper
  • opening d
    Opening D 8" Circle
  • opening e
    Opening E Mixed Recycling
  • opening f
    Opening F Standard Rectangle
  • opening g
    Opening G Full-Width Opening
  • opening h
    Opening H Triangle
  • opening i
    Opening I Diamond
  • opening j
    Opening J Large Square
  • opening k
    Opening K 6" Square
  • opening l
    Opening L Custom Shape

Header Displays

  • Framed Header 1
    Framed Header
  • Framed Header 2
    Framed Header
  • Framed Header 3
    Framed Header
  • Panel Header 1
    Panel Header
  • Panel Header 2
    Panel Header
  • Panel Header 3
    Panel Header

Foodservice Add-On Options

  • Casters
    Toe-Stop Casters
  • Spring-Loaded Cup Dispensers
    Spring-Loaded Cup Dispensers
  • Napkin and Straw Dispensers
    Napkin & Straw Dispensers
  • Lid Dispensers
    Lid Dispensers
  • Condiment and Silverware Trays
    Condiment & Silverware Trays
  • Tray Holder Tops
    Tray Holder Tops

Series Options

Choosing Your Ideal Model

Stylistically-distinct, environment-appropriate models to furnish your desired areas.

  • add-on
  • add-on
  • add-on
  • add-on
  • add-on

Emerald Series

Emerald Series

EC55LX-2 shown with options

The Emerald Series is the flagship of our product lineup, perfect for an outdoor setting that requires a unit to stand up to harsh elements.

Hunter Series

Hunter Series

EC32sH shown with options

The Hunter Series preceded the Emerald Series and was the first to display its thicker framework and stands up just as well to the outdoors as the Emerald Series.

Spruce Series

Spruce Series

EC32s-2 shown with options

The Spruce Series is the classic model where Landmark got its start. Solid, dependable and flawless—it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Brunswick Series

Brunswick Series

EC32sB-2 shown with options

The Brunswick Series is specifically designed for indoor use, maintaining a quality presentation with fewer materials to get the job done.

Viridian Series

Viridian Series

EC32-3 shown with options

The Viridian (Round) Series distributes multiple slats in a circular shape, which holds a lot of weight while creating a clean, minimalist presentation.