About Us


The First Step

Landmark Studio, Ltd. began in October of 1994 and specialized in lightweight three-dimensional props in the city of Muskego, Wisconsin—a suburb of Milwaukee rife with a diverse environment made up of parks, lakes and wetlands. After many consecutive successful years, the business began to shift towards the signage industry.

Landmark's founders knew their future was prosperous when their first golf course client, a Wisconsin golf course, purchased tee markers.

It was the golf course industry that sparked the desire to produce quality furnishings that could withstand the elements and just happened to look impeccable indoors as well.


The Steady Pace

In May 2002, Landmark Golf Course Products was born. Determined to build a long-lasting product, we discovered a material derived from post-consumer recycled plastic and a responsibly-sourced hardwood known for its longevity—naming them EasyCare™ and Rinowood™, respectively. We also created a wood-plastic hybrid model, now known as Black Forest™.

We honed our craft and our furnishings became synonymous with the highest quality and longevity. In our own region of Southeast Wisconsin, the weather and seasons were tough—freezing, snowy winters and hot, humid summers. By building our products for harsh outdoor weather and constant UV exposure, our clients began to understand what we were doing and why. And we had the customer service to back it up that was unmatched throughout the industry.

The standard had been set.


The New Direction

Landmark Studio & Design was formed to service all markets beyond the golf course industry with a greater focus on sustainability. At the time, many were in the midst of harsh economic recession. Despite it all, preserving the environment was important to us and we knew it would be an issue that would continue on well into the 21st century.

The ball started rolling when we attended our first AASHE Conference in 2010, and we haven’t looked back. Since then, we have amassed a loyal base and became one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable indoor-outdoor site furnishings.

In 2017, we underwent a rebranding for the first time to better emphasize our dedication to our diverse and eco-conscious audience as well as the modern edge of our approach to our products and furnishings.


The Continuing Journey

We are dedicated to promoting a healthy environment, helping to build a better world for generations to come. Each product is designed with a focus on longevity, value, and superior craftsmanship. Using post-consumer and sustainable materials, we manufacture indoor/outdoor furnishings, recycling stations, and foodservice stations—providing solutions to businesses that value an eco-enriched presentation.

Our account management team consists of engineers, designers, and product specialists offering friendly, knowledgeable and personalized support. We anticipate questions, solve problems and help our progressive engineering teams turn our clients’ goals into reality. With our accumulated experience and insight into made-to-order site furnishings, we have a positive impact on the direction of projects from concept to completion.

With a focus on eco-friendly business practices and an emphasis on superior craftsmanship and design, our philosophy is rooted in exceeding client expectations by virtue of product development, innovation, quality, and unrivaled customer service.

After 10 years focused on sustainability and 25 years since Landmark first opened the doors, we strive to attain perfection in our manufacturing operations by eliminating waste and conserving resources to preserve our environment. It is our mission to grow as a problem solver, solutions provider, and source of distinctive, quality furnishings.

With us, becoming a zero waste facility is now within reach.

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